SKU: L3137

Triple Crown Complete Horse Feed, 50 lb

SKU: L3137

Triple Crown Complete Horse Feed, 50 lb



A textured feed designed to provide mature performance horses with a complete diet that includes fiber, Triple Crown Complete
features a beet pulp-based formula that provides 12% protein, 12% fat, and all the calories, vitamins and minerals of a grain-based
feed without the potentially harmful soluble carbohydrates. Complete is the perfect choice for horses with limited access to hay or
poor quality hay.


Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 32.5 × 20.25 × 5 in


Feed Type




Feed Form



Bag 50 lb


Nutrient MIN/MAX Amount
Crude Protein MIN 12.00%
Crude Fat MIN 12.00%
Crude Fiber MAX 15.00%

Feeding Directions

Triple Crown Complete is designed for mature horses. If feeding as a grain concentrate with hay, feed a minimum of 5-15 lb. per day for desired body condition.
If replacing all the hay in the diet, feed 1-1.5% of body weight daily. Triple Crown Complete can be soaked with warm water for older horses with poor teeth
and/or respiratory problems, or for horses prone to choking.

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